Scholarship Awards, July 2005

The Award Ceremony took place at the Central Bank's Museum Auditorium on July 8th. Parents, friends and students attended this simple ceremony. Yulbis Galeano was welcomed to the scholarship program. She became our 22th student and she is a music major, fifth semester, at the Adventist University in Medellin. Yulbis currently works with abandoned children in a community in central Medellin and made a substantial contribution to our social program, during her vacation in Santa Marta. She headed a theater group that performed at San Pablo and Martinete Schools and it included children from San Pablo School and MFI scholars.

Jorge Manjarres, Student Committee's President, presented a report of the activities realized during the first semester of the year. He highlighted the successful activities that were completed and invited his peers to continue their work on behalf of needy communities.

An interesting situation has occurred with Rafael Ebrad, our fourth semester student of food engineering at the UNAD. Due to personal difficulties and his questioning of the value of the education he is receiving, he asked that his scholarship be frozen for this semester. He wishes to have a recess to evaluate his options with this institution or another alternative. In the meantime, he will enroll in a program to prepare food at the University of Magdalena laboratory with Wilson Velez, another MFI student. This will remediate the lack of practical work which is required by the study program. Currently, the UNAD does not have lab facilities.

Others students participated and were joined by a musical group that lent a happy ending to the ceremony.


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