Scholarship Recipients

Angie Meza

 will start her fifth semester of Systems Engineering at the University of Magdalena. She had being working with Fundehumac in the children mentoring program during last year and taking music lessons with the percussion group.. 

Vanesa Yanse

will start the first semester of Animation Technician in 3D Design at the University of Magdalena.  She performs with the Percussion Musical Group and mentors children of Paso a Paso.

Jose Alberto Simugama

will enter the first semester at the Teacher’s School in Valledupar to become a teacher for children at the pre-school level. He is a member of the Wiwa indigenous community.

Naykys Paola Gomez Lara

will start the fourth semester of Business Administration at the CUN (National Unified Corporation).  She has worked with the mentoring program for over a year and was at the risk of interrupting her studies for lack of resources.

Jenifer Margarita Reyes Bolaños

She enters the second semester at the Girls´ Superior Teaching Academy.  This is a five semester program and she will graduate in 2020.  Jenifer performs in the Percussion Group. .


Andrés Sarmiento Suárez

He is a member of the Wiwa Indigenous Community who will enter the third semester at the Corozal Superior Teaching Institute.  This is a five semester program and he will graduate in 2020.

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