Scholarship Recipients

Angie Meza

 will start her seventh semester of Systems Engineering at the University of Magdalena. She had being working with Fundehumac in the children mentoring program during last year and taking music lessons with the percussion group.. 

Vanesa Yanse

She started the second semester of Civil Engineering at the U. of Magdalena. Her family was displaced by the violence and she mentors children of Paso a Paso.  She performs as a drummer with the Fundehumac’s Percussion Group.


She enters the third semester in psychology at the UNAD.  She also studies Accounting and mentors children of Paso a Paso.

Jenifer Margarita Reyes Bolaños

She enters the fourth semester of PE at the U. of Magdalena and performs in the Percussion Group.  She mentors children of Paso a Paso.


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