Scholarship Awards, January 2006

On January 21st, twenty two scholarships were awarded. Three new students, Liliana Danies Cervantes, Cristian Pérez Granados and Karina Escalante Ureche, were added to the program and they replaced three students who graduated. It is important to mention that all graduated students are now actively working, and they contribute to the well being of their households.

We are pleased to report that ten children who are included under the Paso a Paso program and most recent group photograph, were introduced during the ceremony. These children, in addition of all the academic necessities, will receive pediatric care thanks to a medical doctor who is a friend of the Foundation.

MFI also recognized the support that two parents have given to the Foundation with community programs and the Paso a Paso initiative.

MFI is deeply grateful to all people who support our work and who believe that education is the most important gift that one can contribute to our fellow earth citizens.

In 2006, MFI expects to graduated twelve more students and this will constitute the biggest contribution to the well being of their families and to society in general.


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