Paso a Paso - February 2006

This year, Paso a Paso was enhanced almost threefold. Five girls were added from Barrio San Pablo. They are: Diana Imbreth , seven years old, Saray Imbreth, eight years old and Keren Imbreth, six years old (click here to see their picture. They are listed from left to right). The family is displaced and both parents make a living recycling refused materials.

Gladys Meza, seven years old, (click here to see her picture) and Luz Stella Meza, five years old (click here to see her picture). They are members of a displaced family and the father is a bricklayer .

In Gaira, Yorfadis Jimenez Buelvas, six years old (click here to see her picture), belongs to a displaced family that recycles refused materials. The family lives next to the railroad tracks.

Breiner Pertuz, six years old, Ilder Pertuz, seven years old and Jorge Pertuz, eight years old, continue with the program from last year (click here to see their picture. They are listed from left to right ).

In Altos de Bahia Concha, Paso a Paso selected Eloisa Ferrer, four years old (click here to see her picture) and Marlon Ferrer, ten years old (click here to see his picture). They will be attending school for the first time. In spite of his age, Marlon does not appear to have the physical development of a normal child. He is however a unique child who learned to read and write by hanging around the school and sneaking in the classroom whenever he could. Upon his academic evaluation by a scholar of MFI, he was admitted in the third grade. Marlon displays a very determined will to succeed in life. This is a child who deserves careful attention in the future. Their parents are displaced and unemployed.

IMPORTANT. One of the eleven children in Paso a Paso is now financed by a Colombian lady who become inspired by this initiative. We have the promise of a second lady who wishes to follow suit.

Below you will find an assortment of pictures showing MFI scholars handing out back packs that contain school utensils, uniforms and shoes to children in the Paso a Paso program. You will notice that three scholars are crossing the Gaira river. This is because the Pertuz family lives on the other side of the river. The Pertuz children must cross the river every day to go to school and back home. Imagine how they have to manage during the rainy season and the river swells?


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