Evaluation Process

Potential scholarship recipients must integrate in the ongoing social activities of FUNDEHUMAC for a period of six months to receive training and to work in communties and with the children of Paso a Paso. After this period, if the candidate is rated positively, he or she is awarded a scholarship. This process ensures that the new candidate will fulfill the requirements set by both NGOs. MFI's main requirement is academic excellency. Fundehumac requires that in exchange for the education received, a student must actively work on social programs. In some cases, some students have worked for up to one year, prior to receiving a scholarship, due to MFI's limited resources.

MFI does not encourage long, costly and traditional academic programs. In Colombia, there are too many qualified professionals who are unemployed. As an alternative, MFI and Fundehumac strongly promote short, technical study programs that allow a poor student to work as soon as possible. However, there are exceptions and some students are enrolled in longer study programs.

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