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Colombia is a country with complex social problems, high unemployment and cost of living, where access to higher education has become a myth for those with scarce resources. For these reasons, MFI wants to provide college opportunities to poor but meritorious students who otherwise would not realize their potential.

MFI is an Non Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in the state of Virginia, USA, under the non-profit charter, section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code. Its board works on a voluntary basis. MFI assigns 90% of its resources directly to the scholarship program. MFI students are encouraged to become actively involved in the solution of problems that affect their own communities.

MFI believes that proper education will empower its scholars to become model citizens because during their academic career, with the assistance of a sister NGO, Fundehumac, they receive training to become leaders and part of the solution of the problems that affect their communities.

IMPORTANT. MF, Inc. awards multiple scholarships each year and payments are made on a semester basis. However, our scholarships do not properly address a student´s needs thoughout the year. Some students have to walk long distances to go to school and skip meals for lack of resources. Due to the cooperation with Fundehumac, all our students appeal to this organization for guidance and needed support. For this reason, we welcome any additional support to try to improve our program.

MFI invites you to become acquainted with its work and perhaps you will join us to attain our ideals.

Bienvenidos a la página web de la Fundación Magdalena, Inc, (FM, Inc.).

Colombia es un país con problemas sociales complejos, alto desempleo y costo de vida, donde el acceso a la educación superior se ha convertido en un mito para aquellos(as) con escasos recursos económicos.  Por estas razones, la FM, Inc, desea ofrecer oportunidades para ir a la universidad a estudiantes pobres pero académicamente meritorios, quienes no hubieran podido realizar su verdadero potencial.
MF, Inc., es una Organización No Gubernamental (ONG) registrada en el estado de Virginia, Estados Unidos de América, como una entidad sin ánimo de lucro, en la sección 501 (c) (3) del Código Tributario Nacional.  La Junta Directiva de la FM, (Inc.) trabaja voluntariamente.  La FM, (Inc.) asigna el 98.8% de sus recaudos al programa educacional.  Como requisito, se espera que los becarios contribuyan activamente en la solución de los problemas que afectan sus comunidades.
La Fundación Magdalena, Inc., cree que con una educación apropiada sus becarios serán facultados para  convertirse en ciudadanos modelos porque durante su carrera académica, con la asistencia de FUNDEHUMAC, su hermana organización en Santa Marta, Colombia, ellos(as) reciben formación integral para convertirles en parte de la solución de los problemas que afectan sus entornos.
IMPORTANTE.  Las becas de MF, Inc. son múltiples cada año y los pagos se entregan semestralmente.  Sin embargo, nuestras becas no cubren todos los gastos de un estudiante.  Algunos estudiantes tienen que cubrir largas distancias para ir a la escuela y dejan de comer por falta de recursos.  Debido a la alianza con Fundehumac, todos los estudiantes acuden a esta organización para encontrar el apoyo necesario para seguir adelante.  Por esta razón, damos bienvenida a cualquier apoyo adicional para así poder mejorar nuestro programa.
Le  invitamos a que se familiarice con nuestro trabajo y ojalá nos ayude a realizar nuestros ideales.





New Iniciative


A group of female students have created a fund to purchase teaching materials in case funds run out elsewhere.
MESI:  The Magdalena Enterprising Scholars’ Iniciative (MESI) is a group of female students that has started a fund with donations among themselves to be used when they have to purchase teaching materials and no other funds are available.  The members are:  Angie, Patricia, Nelsi, Jennifer and Viviana who acts as the group’s coordinator.




Scholarships Award – January 2020


A well-attended ceremony took place at the Fundehumac’ Training Center and Historic Memory Museum. Parents, children, our scholars and visitors participated in a dancing, drawing and dream catchers building performance. 
As part of a community building effort, children and visitors drew a sail boat on a wall in the community.  It was a happy event which was accompany by the girls music and there was dancing on the street.




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Scholarships Award – July 2019

The ceremony took place at Fundehumac´s Mentoring Center where thirteen students received funds to continue their studies.  Three graduated and one abandoned the program but will continue studying with her own resources.  At the end of this year, Ana Rey will graduate as a fashion designer and Rosa Isela Meriño will graduate as a Tourism and Hotel Administrator.




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Scholarships Award – January 2019
The ceremony took place at Fundehumac’s training center, "Stiches of Love" museum, on January 20. It was well attended and this time, forty members of the Arch World Sailing Club, which is headquartered in London, visited us for the fifth time.  Parents, family members of our scholars, as well as the children of Paso a Paso were also present.

In 2018, three scholars graduated from university level studies. Elkin Boto graduated as an Information and Computer Technologist; Minoska Huertas Robles, as an elementary school teacher and Salvadora Bornachera became a chef



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Scholarships Award - July 2018

The ceremony took place in Santa Marta, Colombia, on July 14, at Fundehumac’s Museum and Training Center.   There were 16 students who received scholarships and this time female students surpassed the males.  There are two female students in fashion design; one Wayuu female studies culinary arts and one girl is a tourism and hotel management major; one Wiwa girl is a Spanish major and she is already teaching in her community’s elementary school.



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Scholarships Award - January 2018

The ceremony took place at the Museum of Historical Memory.  This is also the mentoring center that Fundehumac built to have workshops and for children and older students to meet to work on community initiatives.

This event was heavily attended by parents, friends and representatives of the World Arc Cruising Club with headquarters in London, England.  This was their fourth visit to the program and they made a nice donation to Fundehumac.



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