Scholarship Awards January 2019



Scholarships Award – January 2020


A well-attended ceremony took place at the Fundehumac’ Training Center and Historic Memory Museum. Parents, children, our scholars and visitors participated in a dancing, drawing and dream catchers building performance. 

As part of a community building effort, children and visitors drew a sail boat on a wall in the community.  It was a happy event which was accompany by the girls music and there was dancing on the street.

Three MFI scholars graduated last year and we continue with ten students. This year, we expect to graduate six students and we will welcome a new student from Paso a Paso.  In 2021, we will have five scholars.

It should be mentioned that thanks to our donors, this educational program has produced great results and now, some of our professionals in Colombia are now contributing to a fund to help finance the program’s future needs beyond 2021.  At that time, we expect to support only the children who graduate from the Paso a Paso program.
Thank you,

Haroldo L. Suarez





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