Scholarship Awards January 2019



Scholarships Award – July 2019


The ceremony took place at Fundehumac´s Mentoring Center where thirteen students received funds to continue their studies.  Three graduated and one abandoned the program but will continue studying with her own resources.  At the end of this year, Ana Rey will graduate as a fashion designer and Rosa Isela Meriño will graduate as a Tourism and Hotel Administrator.

Because the ceremony took place on July 20, which is the celebration of Independence Day, the students prepared a play to replicate the actions that took place on that day.  Adults and children were educated on the intention of the act and its significance.  It was a total success.

Ana Rey, the scholar who was awarded special recognition for her fashion designs of recyclable materials, presented four different works.  Four ladies from the ceremony modeled the dresses and they were amazing. 
The girls in the program performed music and the act concluded in absolute joy among those who were presented.   

Haroldo L. Suarez, President



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