Scholarship Recipients

Rosa Isela Meriño Cervantes

had abandoned her studies because of lack of resources.  She had been working with the mentoring program for one year.  Now, she will resume her tenth semester in the area of Hotel Administration and Tourism at the University of Magdalena...

Nelsy Nuñez
is a neighbor of the Mentoring Center and has helped in all the activities with our scholars.  She is also an accomplished seamstress who attended Maria fifth semester ceremony.  Attendees were invited to present an impromptu design and Nelsy got the first place.  She was offered a reduced tuition and MFI will support her in a three year program.  She enters the fourth semester and is a single mother and head of family.

Angel Robles Epiayu

Angel received a scholarship to study psychology from the Externado University of Colombia. MFI has re-enrolled him in the program to provide living expense resources. He starts ninth semester of Psychology.

Due to his successful work as an indigenous leader, the university offered him the opportunity to pursue a double major.  He will start Sociology with a second scholarship.

Alvaro Flores Robles

He is a Park Ranger at the Tayrona National Park at the foot of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.  He started his ninth semester of Anthropology at the University of Magdalena.

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