Graduated Students

Sebastián Pastor Mojica
He obtained a Law Degree from the University of Magdalena in 2012 and is currently working with the Ministry of Interior on Indigenous Affairs. He will soon work at the Mayor`s Office in Santa Marta, in the same field.
He enjoys the respect within the international and national institutions that became familiar with his work ethics.

Lenis Pérez Buendía
She got a degree in Nursing from the UCC,
(Cooperative University of Colombia), in 2011.
She obtained a degree as a Registered Nurse in Alternative Medicine and is a recognized Reiki practitioner in Bogota.  She works in a clinic, is married and the happy mother of Abby, a baby girl..

Gigliane Meza Roa
He got a Physical Education diploma from the University of Magdalena.
In March 2013, he will interview for a job as a teacher. However, he expects to pursue a higher degree in Education.

Jarly Prado Chole
He became a technician in Occupational Health from Cajamag in 2011.

Angel Robles

He obtained a Nursing degree from the CESMAG in 2011. He is a full time nurse at a the Marcaribe Clinic.
Angel is a member of the Wayuu Community in the Guajira region, in Northern Colombia. His language ability is invaluable when his people are cared for at this clinic.

Sahaine Maria Avila Cotes
She obtained a nursing degree from the CESMAG. We do not know her present status.

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