Graduated  Students
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Jose Vicente Lozano Villazon
He graduated as a Nursing Assistant from the CESMAG. He now works in his Wiwa community in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

Rosly Jimenez Padilla
She received a degree as assistant pre-school Sciences elementary teacher. She now works at a local school in Santa Marta.

Yulbis Lizzet Galeano Alvis
She graduated as a Science Arts (Music ) major from the Adventist University in Medellin.
She now directs the music program of CADE, an Adventist University in Ecuador and is currently working on a master program in music. She is married.

Victor Fernández Oñate
He obtained the degree of Mine Technician from the University of Cúcuta in December 2009 and continued his studies. He is now a Mine Engineer and works with a Multinational Mining Company.

Rosa Delgado
She graduated as a nurse, specialized in Geriatrics, from the Nursing School of Magdalena (CESMAG).
She became a Geriatrics and Nutrition Specialist from the (SENA).
Now she works in the Emergency Department in the Clinica del Prado. She is now married and the proud mother of two children.

Liceth Lobato
She graduated as a Systems Engineer from the University of Magdalena.
She is married and is the head of the Computer Systems of a large chain store company in Barranquilla.

Rafael García Brito
He graduated as a Ocupational Health Technician from the SENA.
He is the head of the Human Resource Department in Ecopetrol, a major oil company of Colombia.

Ilian Zambrano Hernández
He graduated from the University of Magdalena in Art Sciences and is an Elementary School teacher. He succeeded in obtaining his accreditation as a Certified Public Accountant and he is a consultant on Better Learning Practices with the Secretary of Education in Santa Marta
He is married and the proud father of a baby boy.

Rodrigo Arrieta
He graduated as a Hydraulic Mechanics from the SENA.
He works for an oil company in Barrancabermeja, speaks English and he received a degree in Petroleoum Engineering in 2018.
He is happily married and has four children.

Hernando Rivera
He obtained a degree in Philosophy and Religious Sciences from the Catholic University.
On September 7, 2012, he obtained his Magister in Education from the University of Panama. He is a school coordinator, is happily married and the father of a boy. Currently, he is pursuing his doctorate diploma in education.

Julio Peraza
He obtained a degree in Food Engineering from the University of Cesar.
He is a high school teacher and leads all the social projects that FUNDEHUMAC is involved in.

Rafael Cañaveral
He obtained a degree in Urban Waste Management from the SENA.
He is the director of the waste management department at ESPA, in Santa Marta.

Nelson Molina Obispo
He is a math student in the ninth semester at the University of Pamplona.

He graduated in the fall of 2015 and now teaches math at the university.  He also supports his two sisters who are currently studying at his university.

Luís José Rincón Pallares

He obtained a degreed in Auto Mechanics from the SENA

He is a trader in the meat industry in Santa Marta. .

Elizabeth Gómez Arboleda
She obtained a degreed in Psychology from the UNAD, (National University At Distance).
She works with NGOs that help communities in Riohacha, La Guajira.

Piedad Fontalvo Zapata
She became a Pharmacology Technician from the SENA. We do not know her current status.

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