Graduated  Students

Aldair Camargo

He finished as a Civil Engineering Technician to join the labor force.

Maria Rey Rodriguez

 is a mature lady who lost her family and home.  She was left with a six months old grandchild.  She started to work as a community leader and was encouraged to learn to read and write.  She successfully finished her elementary education and high school with honors.  She is an accomplished seamstress and was accepted at a school for fashion design.  This is a three year program.  Ana finished her sixth semester on top of her class and her work received a special recognition. Maria graduated as a fashion designer with honors and is a successful worker.


Rosa Isela Meriño Cervantes

She graduated as a Hotel Administrator and is now seeking employment.

Andrés Sarmiento Suárez

He is a member of the Wiwa Indigenous Community He graduated as an Elementary school teacher from the Corosal Learning Institute.

Yair Enrique Arambula Torres
He graduated from the University of Caldas as a Technology Systems and Information Sciences.

Julieth Garcia

. She became an Elementary school teacher at the Normal Teaching Institute..

Minoska Huertas

She graduated from the Normal Teacher´s School in December 2018. She will work as a teacher.

Salvadora Bornachera Samper
is an indigenous young lady from the Wayuu ethnic community. She graduated in 2018 from the school of Culinary Arts.

Sandy Patricia Almeida

On September 2018, she graduated in journalism from the Corporación Unificada de Educación Nacional (CUN).  Sandy´s family was affected by the violent impact of the internal conflict in Colombia.  She is the youngest of a family of nine children and the only one to reach a college education..

Elkin Boto
He graduated as a Systems Information Teacher from the Magdalena University.  Elkin received our support for two semesters and is the music teacher for the Girls´ Percussion Group.  His wife teaches singing and dancing for the group.

Kellys Garcia Santodomingo

She graduated in December 2017, as a pre-school teacher from the University of Magdalena, is an excellent mentor and the treasurer of the student´s group. She contributes to Fundehumac´s social initiatives.

Angel Donaldo Acevedo Romero

He graduated from the University of Magdalena in International Commerce in December 2017. He speaks English and works well with other members.

Jeferson Rios Olivares

graduated as an Electrical Technician from the SENA.  He excelled during his internship at the Drummond Coal Company and was offered a permanent job when he reaches the age of maturity in September.

Vanesa Jimenez Amaris

She graduated as a pre-school teacher in March 2017 from the University of Magdalena and is fully employed.

Cindy Paola Barrera
She graduated as a pre-school teacher from the University of Magdalena in March 2017 and is fully employed. 

Anyeline Castro Montenegro

 She completed the sixth semester of Civil Engineering at the University of Magdalena and received her Technical Diploma in Civic Engineering.

Thelmaris Castro Montenegro

She completed the sixth semester of Accounting at the University of Magdalena, and received a Technical Diploma in Accounting.

Elvira Bermudez Montenegro

She completed the seventh semester in Early Education at the University of Magdalena and received a Technical Diploma in Early Education.

María Riascos Nigrinis

She graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the University of Magdalena in March 2016 and Works with a NGO in Santa Marta.


Jose Martin Gil Mojica

 He graduated as a Science Major from the University of Magdalena in December 2015.  He is now a teacher in a school in his Wiwa Community.

Julia Pérez Salas

She received her diploma in Foreign Languages from the University of Magdalena.  She is now an English teacher in a primary school.

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