Other Students

Yeimily Pérez Felaifel
She received her nursing diploma and works in a health center in Santa Marta.

Luis Miguel Moreno Marin
He graduated as a Oil Mining Engineer and is successfully employed.

Andrea Vargas Pardo

As a MFI scholar, she completed her second semester in Nursing at the Bolivarian Corporation.
Unfortunately, for family reasons, she discontinued her studies.

Arley Padilla
She graduated from Paso a Paso in 2011 and received a MFI scholarship to study Information Sciences. After the first year, she was dropped from the program for lack of commitment.

Deimer Blanco
He completed the fifth semester as a PE Sciences major at the University of Magdalena. He was dropped from the program for lack of commitment.

He, however, graduated as a PE teacher in November 2015, on his own and is fully employed.

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