Scholarship Awards and Graduations,
July 2007

On July 21st, we awarded 5 new scholarships and graduated 3 students. Jorge Manjarres and Alexander Cuello received their college degrees in business administration. Arthur Burgos graduated as an electronic engineer. Anibal Lopez and Elkin Bolaño completed their technical studies in computer systems and will continue their academic program to become full professionals in two years.

It is important to mention that the 16 children that were adopted under the Paso a Paso program have increased to 42 due to the contagion effect. The children that began to receive economic and mentoring support in the program told other children in their classrooms about the activities in which they participated. Consequently, other children wanted to be included and the program could not discourage them. Now, the mentors of Paso a Paso have decided to control the access to the program to future children due to economic constraints and the lack of human resources.


Our trip to Colombia in July gave us a rewarding experience. We were able to attend the graduation ceremonies of Alexander Cuello, (Bus. Admin.), Jorge Manjarrez (Bus. Admin.) and Arthur Burgos (Electronic Engineer). Please see pictures in our photo gallery below. In addition, Elkin Bolaños and Anibal Lopez obtained their technical diplomas which qualify them to seek employment at the technical level. However, they will continue their education until they reach their full college degrees. We wish them well.

P.S. It is important to add that Anibal is in-charge of the computer systems department in a bilingual school and Elkin administers an internet cafe.



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