Scholarship Awards January 2018


Scholarship Awards, January 2011

The award ceremony took place on January 22, at the Cajamac auditorium with a good attendance.  This year, the presiding table had two new board members for Fundehumac and representatives of the Grupo Bolivar-Zuana, which are sponsoring two college scholarships for students who graduated from Paso a Paso.  You may remember that Fundehumac is our sister NGO in Colombia which administers the Magdalena Foundation scholarship program.

There are 21 students in the program and four graduated from high school last year.  They all come from the Paso a Paso program, established by former Colombian Peace Corps Volunteers (FOC), which sponsors children in elementary and high school.  MFI sponsors 18 in the college program and Grupo Bolivar-Zuana two.  Another student is sponsored by a Canadian citizen who sends the money directly to Colombia. It is of significant importance to note that this is the first time a business conglomerate in Colombia takes interest in our educational program.  It is hoped that this group will continue to sponsor our scholars in the future.  Is is also important to know that five of our students enjoy personal sponsorships by our contributors who have pledged to support them until graduation.  Above facts strengthen our educational program and offer a clear objective of purpose.  Our Kudos go to everyone for your wonderful commitment.

In May 2011, we expect that Sebastian Pastor Mojica will become the first lawyer of his Wiwa tribe.  He pledges to defend and represent the well being of the indigenous groups.  You may see and hear him in the video on the Fundehumac web page.  Please see:  This page is in Spanish.

This year, in order to offset the erosion of the dollar against the Colombian peso, we raised the amount of each scholarship by US$100.  The scholarships are now US$800.00, for those students who live in Santa Marta and US$900.00, for those who live elsewhere.

IMPORTANT.  During the ceremony, each parent and student signed a pledge of commitment with the program.  A large canvas with the picture of the Dream Weaver (a woman who weaves the dream of life) was signed by the parent and the student.  This solidifies their commitment to success and ensures their responsibility with the foundations.  A picture of the Dream Weaver with the signatures is on the web.

Thank you for your generosity.


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