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Scholarship Award, January 19, 2013


This ceremony took place at the Roque Morelli auditorium of the Universidad del Magdalena.  Many of our scholars have graduated from this learning institution and some continue to pursue their college accreditation here.   This year, we awarded twenty scholarships to ten young men and ten young ladies.  We expect one student will graduate as a graphic designer this year. 
Five of MFI scholars have individual sponsors in the Washington, D.C., area in the U.S.  A sixth student is sponsored by a professor in Canada.
Last year, Lenis Perez Buendia graduated as a nurse, finished her internship and is currently interviewing for a couple of employment options in Bogota.  Gigliane Mesa graduated as a PE teacher and is considering a post graduate program while he works.
A student who graduated from high school and was supposed to receive a MFI scholarship had to suddenly leave the city because of security reasons. An armed group was pressuring him to join under threats to his family.  He opted to flee and his present location is unknown. He graduated from the Paso a Paso program and would have been the first in the family to attend college.  We are holding the money for his scholarship in hopes that he will be able to pursue his studies in another location.
Paso a Paso sponsors children in elementary and high school levels and Friends of Colombia is an important contributor to this program.  In Colombia, Grupo Bolivar is another important contributor to the program and some individuals also make meaningful contributions.  MFI scholars are active mentors of these children and the two groups represent a successful educational program.
MFI and Paso a Paso programs are mentored by Fundehumac, a Colombian NGO that works on Human Rights and helps displaced people which includes indigenous communities.  MFI supports two indigenous men from the Arzario or Wiwa community.  Last year, Sebastian Pastor Mojica graduated as a lawyer and is currently working with the Colombian Ministry of Interior on indigenous affairs.

We, the members of the MFI Board, are grateful for your support and generosity.



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