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Scholarships award,January 2014


The ceremony took place at the Roque Morelli Auditorium in the University of Magdalena, on January 18 at 10:00 a.m.  About 100 people attended including MFI scholars, children of Paso a Paso, parents, friends and supporters.

Three Paso a Paso students graduated in December 2013 but only two passed the college entrance examination. Anyeline Castro will study civil engineering and Aldo Mejía will study accounting.  Both programs will last five years.

During the ceremony, I informed all attendees that the MFI program will be phased out beginning next year.  I told them that the seven students who will graduate in 2014 will not be replaced.  In 2015, three students are expected to graduate and they will not be replaced either.  Presently, the program has 19 students.  In 2015, there will be 12 and in 2016, nine.  I anticipate the program may be able to continue to help them, since I expect to be able to raise the necessary resources through perhaps, 2018, when Anyeline is expected to graduate.

However, if the program receives some unexpected support, some future Paso a Paso children may be helped.

Students from Paso a Paso and MFI talked about the benefits brought to their lives from both programs.  Jose Vicente Lozano, an Arzario Indigenous scholar, who became a nurse assistant gave thanks for the opportunity to attend college and be able to help his people.

It was a beautiful ceremony.

Thank you,

Haroldo L. Suarez



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