Scholarship Awards July 2018


Scholarship Awards, January 2012

This event took place at the Roque Morelli Auditorium of the University of Magdalena.  At the ceremony 20 students were awarded half of the scholarship for this year.  Dr Alfonso Vergara, our Vice President and founder, Luis Mendoza Manjarrez, our Pediatrician, Victor Montes, a retired University Professor and Colombian donor, and Alba Lucia Varela, our Program Coordinator and the students’ mentor were also present.

Four students graduated in 2011 and they are:  Sebastian Pastor Mojica in law, Cristian Perez in Environmental Science, Jarly Prada Choles, Occupational Safety, and Angel Robles Epiayu in Nursing.  Angel is a member of the Wayuu tribal community in the Guajira Department and Sebastian is the first member of the Azario tribal community who has graduated from college in the Magdalena Department.

Some of our scholars talked about the positive impact that our program and the leadership of Ms. Alba Varela have had in their lives and how they look forward to being able to contribute to their families and community.  MFI scholars presented a drama about the pitfalls of life and the benefits of positive thinking and hope.

As in the past, children in the Paso a Paso program received their school kits.  Under the guidance of our scholar mentors, they performed a dance about reaching to the stars to the enjoyment of a large attendance.

Some MFI graduated students also attended and the fact that they are contributing to our social program was highlighted.

MFI educational program continues to offer a positive and constructive effect in the lives of those we have helped.



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