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Scholarship Awards, JULY 2012


The award ceremony took place at 2:00 p.m., on July 14, at the Jorge Otero Auditorium in the University of Magdalena.  This institution receives most of our scholars and they all have thrived in the past.  Among our most recent honor graduates are: Francisco Redondo in medicine, Victor Santafe in systems engineering, Sebastian Pastor Mojica in law, and Angel Robles Epiayu in nursing.  All of them are fully employed and enjoy a lot of respect from their professional peers.  This year, Lenis Buendia graduated as a nurse with honorary mention from the Colombian Educational Corporation.  She is fully employed, helps her family and pays for her younger sister’s tuition.  Sebastian Pastor Mojica, our indigenous Wiwa (Arzario) lawyer, has been appointed as counselor for six indigenous tribes that inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta by the Ministry of Interior in Bogota.  He now resides in Bogota.  It is hoped that Sebastian will work on the unification of all these tribes.
We lost two girls this year: Ivana………a member of the Wayuu tribe in La Guajira, left her home to live with her boyfriend, and Gisela…………lost contacts with the Foundation.  She was dropped from the program, after all attempts to find her failed.
We welcomed two new students to our program.  They are:  Kellys Garcia Santodomingo, who will study to be a pre-school teacher and has worked in poor communities for the last three years.  Vicente Lozano Villazon, another Arzario member, will study nursing.  He is currently a nursing practitioner in his community and is sponsored by a Colombian nurse and psychologist who lives in London, England.  We expect these two additions to continue to achieve our educational objectives.
During the ceremony, our scholars participated and helped children perform for the delight of attendees.
Thank you for your interest, support and generosity.

Haroldo L. Suarez


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