Scholarship Awards January 2019



Scholarship Award, July 2015


The award ceremony took place at the meeting place Fundehumac built to have its mentoring sessions with our scholars and the children of Paso a Paso. Fifteen students will continue their study programs and six will finish their academic work by December 2015. They should graduate early next year.

Angel Robles Epiayu, an indigenous Wayuu member from La Guajira, was awarded a scholarship during this event. He became the sixtieth MFI scholar this year. He is a nurse assistant who received support from MFI a few years ago. He received a scholarship from the Externado de Colombia in Bogota to study psychology and needs our support for subsistence.

Three former scholars, who are now professionals who attended the ceremony, gave a compelling report about the influence that Fundehumac and MFI had on their lives and invited the existing scholars to take advantage of this unique opportunity that cannot be found elsewhere.

We anticipate that two children in Paso a Paso will graduate from high school in December and they will receive support from the Magdalena Foundation. This will bring the total to 11 students in university in 2016.

The next award ceremony will be in January 2016. We are grateful to all our donors.


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