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Scholarships Award - JULY 2016


The ceremony took place, on July 9, 20016, at the Community Center built by Fundehumac, in the Villa del Carmen barrio.  The construction of the center was possible thanks to donations from friends who subscribe to the principle that education is the only option out of poverty.  In the U.S., Friends of Colombia (FOC), made generous contributions and they are co-sponsors of the Paso a Paso program which provides resources to 35 children who are in the elementary and secondary levels of schooling.  When a Paso a Paso student graduates from high school, MFI welcomes him/her into the college level scholarship program.
Now, the center provides a safe place for our scholars to mentor the children who belong to Paso a Paso and 21 children who live in the immediate community.  MFI scholars began the new mentoring program in July 2016, and the children are very enthusiastic because the program is oriented towards the arts.  This is a big enhancement of the mentoring program which has shown throughout the years the benefits that it has brought to the children and their families.  Most children have made it to the end.
Fifteen students are now in the MFI program (eight boys and seven girls).  All our students were successful in their studies and this makes the program very meaningful in their lives.  All of our graduate students are working and some have made unique contributions to the communities in which they live.

Please visit our gallery to see some photos of the ceremony and thank you for your support.

Thank you,

Haroldo L. Suarez



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